The Universal Wardrobe Ticket to Faster Queues

Create a successful event experience from start to finish with Keypitt’s digital wardrobe system.

Let Go of Long Lines and Labor Costs

Speed up Lines with KeyPass™

Never hand out paper tickets ever again. Guests access a universal digital wardrobe ticket. One-time creation for a lifetime duration.

Guests secure belongings with KeyPass™ at every venue with Keypitt. A split-second scan – at check-in and check-out.

Right by their hand. No waiting, just speed.

Optimize Costs with Data Insights

Staff with certainty. Gain insights into peak hours, wardrobe capacity and guest habits.

Know when to staff and match employees with guest appearance.

Know your guests. Optimize operations. Optimize costs.

Up To

3X Efficiency

Let guests in faster and out happier.
Boost profitability with a data-driven
digital wardrobe system.

So simple Grandma can do it!

Guests create Keypass™ in split seconds. No app to download. Create on the go. One-time creation for a life time duration of faster queues and better venue experiences.

User-friendly solution suitable for everyone

More than 100 million QR scans happen a day. Take advantage of the technology. Guests create Keypass™ in split seconds.

No app to download.
One-time creation for a long-term duration of speedy lines.

We built Keypitt to create value for the guest, employee and venue. We transform headaches into value for everyone.

The Value & Impact of Keypitt

  • Faster service & Increased Productivity
  • No time spent looking for paper ticket
  • No discussions with guests
  • No broken or lost paper tickets
  • Visible Reusable Numbertags (optional)
  • Optimal Staffing
  • Save Administrative Work
  • Less Operating Tasks & Easy Setup
  • Reduce Claims & Leftovers
  • No Infinite Paper Ticket Costs (optional)
  • Less Waiting Time
  • Worry-free & Security
  • Guaranteed Retrieval
  • Paperless & No App
  • Remarkable first and last impression
  • Strengthen Brand Reputation
  • Increase Guest Return Rate
  • Customer Interaction & Outreach
  • Bar & Event Sale Increase

Keypitt is for every Kind of Venue

For everyone wanting to improve flow, cut costs and create a better venue experience – Making guests wish to return.

Hear from our clients


Guests swiftly create their universal wardrobe ticket (KeyPass™) once in a lifetime through a weblink. From now on, the guest simply scans their KeyPass™ at wardrobe check-in & check-out at every venue with the Keypitt system.
As an alternative, guests can enter phone number on a tablet at check-in and receive an SMS with a QR code for check-out.

Designed with simplicity in mind, Keypitt allows employees to do guest check-ins with just a tap on a tablet, eliminating the hassle of traditional paper tickets.

Simply approach a staff member with the last digits of your phone number. The employee easily verifies retrieval of items through the registered guest profile in the Keypitt system.

Yes, Keypitt is versatile and can be adapted to a wide range of events and venues, including conferences, fairs, concerts, nightlife, festivals and more. For everyone wanting guests first- and last impression to be remarkable.

No, Keypitt is not an app. We all know the overwhelming amount of apps, and we did not want to bother your with one more. You simply create your Keypitt profile through a web URL and download your personal Keypass to your smartphone wallet for easy access – just like the digital credit card.

Elevate your venue. Book a call in 1 minute

Elevate your venue. Book a call in 1 minute